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Have you had your DNA tested?

By Edward (Ed) Nisbet, Secretary

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Our DNA Coordinator, Jean Skar, has posted on Facebook several interesting facts about the various Nesbitt/Nisbet's spellings. Did you know that how your ancestor's spelled their surname could be a clue about their origin? For example, NISBET is predominately from Scotland, also Shetland and Orkney. NESBIT is predominantly from England and seems to have spread into Scotland. And NESBITT is from the UK and Ireland but predominantly found in Ireland.

If you are serious about your genealogy research and learning more about your ancestors, have your DNA tested from Ancestry, My Heritage or 23 and me and load your DNA results up to FTDNA,, where the Nisbet/Nesbitt Society has a DNA surname project. You will learn more about your ancestors and connect with other NN cousins. It will also be a great help to build our Nesbitt/Nisbet database.

Membership Renewal Options

By Edward (Ed) Nisbet, Secretary

Friday, June 19, 2020

Hi Members, Just a reminder that when you are ready to renew your membership, we have recently added more options for you than just the single year renewal. So, consider showing your support for the Society by using one of the following options: a) 5-year; discounted to $100 b)10-year; discounted to $175 c) auto-renewal; set it and forget it, your renewal and payment are automatic Let me hear from you if you need more information Click Here . Ed Nisbet, Secretary