John A. Nesbitt Scottish Arts Scholarship

John A. Nesbitt Scottish Arts Scholarship

John A. Nesbitt Scottish Arts Scholarship

The John A. Nesbitt Scottish Arts Scholarship (JANSAS) program of the Nesbitt/Nisbet Society of North America provides modest, $100, scholarships for beginning pipers, drummers, Highland dancers, harpists (clarsach) and fiddlers to attend a Scottish Arts program of their choice in order to further their interest and improve their talent. The JANSAS scholarship will be awarded each year in the amount determined at the N/N Society General Assembly Meeting. Decisions will be made by the Scholarship Committee in early May and only those applicants who have secured school admission will be considered. The scholarship grants will be sent directly to the school the student designates and must be returned to the Society if the class is not attended. Funds must be used as tuition and may not be used as competition entry fees, transportation, or lodging.

The criteria for eligibility for these awards are:

  • Participation in the program is open to any descendant of a Nisbet, no matter what the spelling of the name.
  • Recipient must have two letters of recommendation from accredited instructors/teachers.
  • Applicants must secure their own admission to the program in which interested.
  • Recipient must reside in North America, or study with an instructor in North America.
  • School-age applicants, through high school graduation: Must meet minimum age requirements for the program to which applying. There is no proficiency level restriction for applicants in this group. Both the applicant and the parent/guardian must sign application if the applicant is under 18 years of age.
  • Adult applicants: Are to be considered a "beginner," that is, be classified no higher than a Grade IV piper/drummer, intermediate dancer, or journeyman harpist (clarsach) and, in addition, have no more than five years experience.
  • Recipient of the scholarship must, on completion of their individual study, submit a written report, of their experience at the school, which will be published in the N/N Society newsletter, I Byde It Times.

Decisions of the scholarship committee will be based on the applicant's objectives, commitment outreach, demonstrated proficiency, anticipated development and future goals. In making these awards, preference will be given to school age applicants.

Completed applications must be mailed to the Scholarship Chairman and postmarked no later than March 31 of the year it is to be granted. Recipients of the scholarships will be notified by registered mail by May 21, and also announced to the general membership at the AGM and in the following edition of I Byde It Times.

Applications should be sent to:

Guy Nisbet, Scholarship Chairman, 327 20th Street, Dunbar, WV 25064